Halls Creek Cobalt/Gold Project


E 08/5112, 5113, 5114 and 5115

The Halls Creek Project comprises 4 granted tenements  granted from 31 August 2018 for a period of 5 years and situated within the NE-SW trending Lamboo Province comprising 4 tectonostratigraphic terranes –Western, Central and Eastern. The western terrane is postulated to be an exotic crustal fragment that was accreted to the Kimberley Craton before 1900 Ma via north-westerly directed subduction. Easterly directed subduction led to the development of an oceanic arc at c. 1865 Ma, outboard of the Kimberley Craton; this initiated the formation of the Central Zone. Eastern Zone rocks are associated with a passive continental marginlinked to the North Australian Craton. The Central Terrane comprises a broad suite of felsic to lesser mafic rocks, the Sally Downs Supersuite within which occurs a subsuite of gabbro to norite dominated rocks known asthe Sally Malay and McIntosh Suites. The Sally Malay nickel-copper sulphide deposit lies at the base of a small layered intrusion enclosed within granulite facies garnet-cordierite paramigmatites and mafic granulates norite which host most of the mineralization are interpreted as a chilled border zone to the intrusion, into which settled an early separated sulphide liquid. The Hall Creek Project is situated primarily within gabbro tonorite rocks of the McIntosh Suite.

The Company is  processing and merging all available airborne magnetic, radiometric, gravity and electromagnetic data covering the 4 tenements and producing a lithostructural interpretation. In addition, targets will be generated for field follow up. Earth-AI has used an Artificial Intelligence approach to merge all publicly available geochemical, geological and geophysical data to generate targets for fields follow up.

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Halls Creek Project showing the 4 granted tenements located in the vicinity of Halls Creek